Specialists in plastic material processing.

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Our service is built on expertise: it’s a well-honed approach to excellence that includes an essential human element, high-quality equipment and improved production methods…

CeltiPak, is first and foremost a customer service provider with an intelligent partnership. The strategy is simple: to offer a wide range of services to all business sectors whilst ensuring the highest quality, even for the smallest orders.

CeltiPak, offers a perfect knowledge of the highest quality raw and recycled materials: Polystyrene (PS), Polyethene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), PS / PE COEX, PS / PE BLEND, ABS, SEBS etc ...
Alongside a large selection of Polystyrene and Polypropylene (expanded or not) with a water vapour barrier (PE) or gas (EVOH – created in a modified atmosphere: MAP), laminated or co-extruded..
CeltiPak, has quickly become considerd as a specialist in the transformation and creation of plastics with a focus on core expertise in the areas of extrusion and calendaring.

CeltiPak provides a unique knowledge of the plastic processing industry, offering a modern and specific production method nurtured by our in-house development techniques. This future thinking development offers each of its clients the ability to adapt these processes to suit their individual needs.
The personalisation of our production method is the result of attentive customer feedback coupled with action from contacts on the ground.

Key figures:

  • PME employees 45 workers
  • Capital of around 25 M€ with around 20% in exports
  • Production capacity up to 14.000 T/year
  • One calendar extrusion plant ISO & BRC certified situated in Saint-Thuriau
  • One waste disposal and treatment plant situated in Pluméliau (Méliopak)

The group

Our partners:

  • Plastobreiz (Auray - 56): Design and manufacture of thermoformed customised and standard packaging.
  • Plastoloir (Bessé/Braye - 72): Design and manufacture of thermoformed customised and standard packaging.
  • Kalan (Saint-Thuriau - 56): Extrusion of stretchable cling films
  • Méliopak (Pluméliau – 56): Granulation and waste treatment: ‘Nothing wasted, everything recycled!’
  • Caux Film (Fécamp – 76): Extrusion of stretchable cling films


  • 1999: Creation of the company Celtipak in Pluméliau (56) the region of Brittany, the heart of the food-processing industry.
  • 22006: Construction of a new plant in Saint-Thuriau (56) to increase our production capacity due to increased demand in the complex film sector.
  • 2007: Obtained ISO 9001 & BRC IOP certification (available for download here)
  • 2009: Re-organisation of the MELIOPAK site in Pluméliau concerning environmental waste treatment and plastic granulation methods.

Niche markets:

Celtipak is a well-established company in the calendar-extrusion sector and is active in both French and European markets.
We offer a wide range of products adapted to different industries:

  • Food-processing industry (ready-made meals, biscuit factories and dairy)
  • Industrial (cosmetic, automobile, glass-making and communication)
  • Medical
  • Horticulture
  • Etc.…