Formule : 100% homo, 100% copo ou mixte homo-copo

Polypropylene Homopolymer – Copolymer PP
Alimentary : For packaging all types of food: milk products and aqueous, acidic,alcoholic and fatty foods. It is intended for food packing requiring microwave reheating. It can also be used for products undergoing treatment such as sterilisation. Also suitable for packing marinades, chilled foodstuffs, ready meals, dairy products. The presence of PP-COPO allows uses at negative temperatures. Industrial : In industrial packaging for various goods, electrical items, toys …
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Density 0.92 Maximum reel diameter 1200mm Core diameter 77 – 152 - 200mm -PP-HOCO has the same characteristics as PP-HOMO. The addition of some PP-COPO makes it more tractable and resistant -PP-HOCO is more translucent, less transparent, than PP-HOMO due to the presence of PP-COPO